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Fan Code of Conduct

In addition to providing excellent customer service in all of our fan relations, the WFCU Centre's Fan Code of Conduct was developed to assist in providing a safe and fun atmosphere for all guests.

The WFCU Centre is dedicated to creating a unique fan experience. Windsor fans are among the most loyal fans in Canada, the Ontario Hockey League and the National Basketball League of Canada, exemplifying community support and sportsmanship. The perception of our venue is constructed by all associated parties, inclusive of our players, coaches, employees and most importantly our fans. In order to generate a high intensity environment for our events as well as our hometown Spitfires and Express, we need the help of each and every fan to maintain our Code of Conduct. The Management at the WFCU Centre reserves the right to deny entry to the facility or eject guests displaying undesirable behavior, as determined by event personnel or management.

The following are several guidelines that have been established to ensure our events are successful and enjoyable for all fans:

All guests should:

  • Sit only in your ticketed seat and show ticket(s) to a WFCU Centre representative upon request.
  • Keep their feet off other patron's seats. Fans are not permitted to stand on seats at any time.
  • Please restrict movement in the tiered seating area during game action.
  • Contact the nearest WFCU Centre representative if there are any issues; never escalate matters and never handle issues by yourselves.
  • Adhere to the Prohibited Items list when entering the facility.
  • Any guests committing the following actions may have their tickets revoked, become ejected from the venue or be subject to arrest (Ejected guests do not recieve a refund for their ticket(s) nor are they compensated in any way):

    • Displaying inappropriate or improper behavior towards other fans and/or employees of the WFCU Centre.
    • Using disruptive language and/or gestures that are abusive.
    • Verbal, written (including signage) or physical harassment of opposing team fans.
    • Wearing obscene or disruptive clothing that may be offensive to others.
    • Attempting to gain access to restricted areas without proper accreditation or premium areas without proper ticket or authorization.
    • Misuse of tickets and/or credentials.
    • Intoxication or other substance impairment that results in disruptive behavior.
    • Interfering with game action, including throwing objects onto the ice surface.
    • Violating the Provincial Government's no smoking legislation.
    • Causing physical damage to the building or property surrounding the WFCU Centre
    • Violation of WFCU Centre rules, regulations and policies.

    Our building staff and event personnel are always available for our guests to rely on and to help ensure that each and every fan has a positive and memorable experience at the WFCU Centre.

    We want to thank you in advance for adhering to these policies and appreciate your passion for all events at the WFCU Centre!

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