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Group Sales FAQ

The WFCU Centre Group Sales program is here to help you save your group money. When you become part of the Group Sales program - we let you know about the shows that are coming to the WFCU Centre, let you know what kind of discounts are available, and let you reserve some of the best seats in the building. We've answered a few common questions below about the group sales program - but what we want to do is create a custom group sales program that will work for you! If you have a question, want more information, or just need to chat about an idea, call the Group Sales Department anytime at 519-974-7979 ext. 4611.

What is a group?

For most of our shows, a group is "15 or more people". The number of people that qualify you for the group sales discount varies per event, and can be found on the Group Sales webpage by clicking on the information button for each show.

Are there any savings when you book as a group?

By bringing together 15 or more of your co-workers or friends, your group will receive special discounts and the best available seating on selected shows.

Do we get advance notice for shows and events?

We try and give participants in the Group Sales program the information on any event that is coming to the WFCU Centre as early as possible! What this means is you can secure your seats for the event before they go on-sale to the public, and start promoting to your group members before the public even knows about the show.

How can I book tickets for my group?

All you have to do is give the Group Sales Department a call for dates, times and prices of the event your group is interested in and our Group Sales staff will personally help you plan a group outing, provide the best available seating, help you get the appropriate seats for your group and save you money. By buying group tickets, you don't have to pay the regular service charges per ticket.

Do we receive any type of special service?

Our Group Sales staff has vast experience working with groups like yours and they'll personally see to it that your visit to the WFCU Centre is the best that it can be.

How can I get in contact with you?

The WFCU Centre has it all: top family entertainment, great food, ample parking, safe secure environment, all in our beautiful state of the art facility. If you haven't seen the WFCU Centre, give us a call, we'd love to show you around. Contact us by phone at 519-974-7979 ext. 4611.

When should we arrive for the show/event?

Doors open one hour prior to most events, so you can arrive anytime after that.

What is the deadline for ordering group tickets?

Ticket ordering deadlines vary per show but make sure you order early for the best availability. Ask for any details

How do we pay for our Group Ticket Order?

Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted. Cheques and Money Orders are made payable to The WFCU Centre or The City Of Windsor. Any cash or in person payments MUST be scheduled in advance with your Group Sales Representative.

What different ways can we sell our Group Sales tickets?

The WFCU Centre Group Sales Department have created a few easy options for you to sell your tickets:

Option 1

Make your reservation with the Group Sales Department. You let them know how many tickets you want to reserve, and then communicate the Group Sales details to your group. You will take their reservations and collect their money. Once you have finished taking reservations, contact the Group Sales Department and finalize your reservation, bring in the payment in one large sum, and we give you the tickets to distribute to your group. There is a $6.00 service charge per order for operating the Group Sale in this format, plus a $10.00 delivery charge if needed.

Option 2

Contact the Group Sales Department and let them know you want to setup a WFCU Centre Group Sales website. We create a custom website for you (ie www.wfcu-centre.com/groupname) and you promote this website address to your group. Your group members log on and place their orders, paying by Visa or Credit Card, and we process the orders for you. The tickets are mailed out to the group members directly. There is a $2.50 service charge per order for operating the Group Sale in this format.

Option 3

Contact the Group Sales Department and let them know you want to setup a WFCU Centre Group Sales Supergroup! We create a custom password for your group (ie  GSGROUPNAME) and you promote this to your group. Group members log on to www.wfcu-centre.com and click on BUY TICKETS. When prompted, they enter their super group password, and a list of discount offers will pop up. Service charges vary per show operating the Group Sale in this format.


How can I let you know someone is interested in ordering tickets from another group?

Just send us their contact information by clicking here. When you do, you'll have the chance to win tickets to upcoming WFCU Centre events, gift certificates, and other merchandise.

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