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How to Promote Your Group Sale

The hardest part of executing a Group Sale is promoting - and we want to make it easy for YOU to do it!

See the information below for a few suggestions on how to promote your upcoming group event.

And don't forget to contact the Group Sales Department at 519-974-7979 ext. 4611. We'll help you make your sale successful!


Utilize each group members email address and send out a notification that the group sale is starting. Make sure you reference all of the show information (location, date, time) and highlight the discount savings (ie if you buy through us you save $5 per ticket PLUS save on the service charges). Make sure you include who they should contact to make their reservation.


99% of the time the Group Sales Department has created a poster or flyer to promote the group sale event. Contact us! We'd be more than happy to give you a copy of the poster to put in your group space, and help create custom flyers specifically for your group to distribute, post, or include in emails.


Mention the Group Sale discount details at all of your members, reminding them of the discount details including the deadline to get their reservations in.


Don't forget to fax any of the details to members of your group that have a fax number!


If you have an empty voicemail number available, set up a custom voicemail for the group sale. Let your group members call the number and leave all their reservation details!


If your group has a website created, make sure you include the group sale information on it. Include all of the event details, plus your deadline for reservations so no one misses out!

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