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Want to use the WFCU Centre Group Sales program to make money for your group? WE CAN HELP!

Talk to the Group Sales department. We have several ways to make it work for you!

All you need to do is set up a Group Sales reservation with us, then sell the tickets at their regular price!

How does this work? It's easy! As an example, let's say that the regular price for an event you're buying tickets for would be $40.00, and the discounted price is $30.00, with a service charge at $6.00 for the entire order.

So, you make a reservation - lets say 30 tickets - and you sell them all at the regular price of $40.00 per ticket, which means you'll have $1,200.00 in ticket sales. So you would collect the names of your group members that want to buy the tickets, along with ticket money. Next, call us!.

We'll give you a total amount owing for the group sales purchase. In the example above, the total would be $906.00. After we collect the ticket sales, we'll get your tickets printed, and send them off to you. Here's the best part: You keep the rest of the money that you've collected as profit for your group! For this example, $294.00!!

Your group gets to see an exciting event without paying those pesky service charges per ticket, and you get to raise money as group profit! It's a win-win situation!

Looking to promote your fundraising event? - click here for some ideas!

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